MAEER'S MIT School of Education & Research,

(ECCE,B.Ed & M.Ed.College), Kothrud, Pune



Our college does not provide hostel facilities but hostel services are available in the vicinity of the campus.


Science Lab:

Science laboratory is fully equipped so as to meet the school curriculum requirement. Thus it provides the teacher trainees complete hands on experiences in handling of the scientific equipments. The science lab a also has teaching aids and charts related to science and Mathematics which the teacher trainees can make use of it during their practice lessons.

Computer and technology Lab:

The computers lab is a fully equipped lab with latest models of computer and modern technology, internet connection and Wi-Fi.

Psychology Lab:

Psychology lab has various types of apparatus needed for psychological experiments and also has numerous psychological tests like intelligence tests, aptitude test, attitude test etc.


Our library has various books, periodicals and other non book material like globes, maps, blackboards, photos of eminent personalities etc. The library contains textbooks on ‘Education’ as well as other subjects, reference books, dictionaries, encyclopedia and general books. Apart from the borrowing facility, the library has reading room facility also.

Library book details

Particulars Number

Educational Reference Books


Reference Books (Dictionaries, Encyclopedia, etc.)


School (Text) Books


Journals (Local, National, International)


Newspapers (English and Marathi)


Research Projects


CDs, Cassettes, Maps, Globes, Models, etc. (Teaching Aids)


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